Collaboratory is 40 Berkeley’s newest service and Boston’s first coworking and start-up incubator focused on supporting majority women owned business. Housed in Boston’s popular 40 Berkeley hostel in the South End, Collaboratory brings together smart and creative people as they launch and build their businesses. Members and guests of Collaboratory engage with each other to offer interactive feedback and support so that small teams can enjoy the benefits of a more diversified skill set than would otherwise be accessible to them.

Entrepreneurship is the driver for the economy and encourages innovation in our markets.  Through collaboration in coworking spaces, entrepreneurs have to ability to work more productively and achieve goals at a more rapid pace than ever before. We offer easy and convenient online billing systems for your clients through, so you dont have to worry any more about invoicing your clients.  Coworking is a popular trend that continues to grow and it’s coworking spaces like Collaboratory can make the coworking experience unique and beneficial.

Collaboratory is dedicated to its role in creating an enriching coworking environment in Boston, where women will gain the most out of the coworking space, their peers, and themselves.  Our members in the coworking space feed off one another, and become a tight knit group.  We are able to boast about our “family”, because our space is intimate and perfect for anyone who wants to feel included in a professional, yet charismatic coworking community.






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